Instructions & Help

Remember when creating a BookPoints account, you only need to create one account for the whole family.

If your school is not available, you may type other or none.

Feel free to print and use the log attached to help your children track their minutes! 

Tips and Tricks:

  • Create a shortcut on your home screen by going to the share icon or options button in your browser app.
  • When logging minutes, you can track the week and do it all at once, or individually if you want to be more speicfic (i.e. bedtime storytime - 180 minutes)
  • You DO NOT have to put in book details, just minutes will do unless you want to track.
  • Collect badges; the more you read the more you get! Keep an eye out when you get your free book badge for children's programs.
  • We'll pull prizes every Friday, so be sure to listen to your phone for a message or watch your email!

Need help finding some reading material? Check out the recommended reading lists below!



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